Career Planning Workbook

For graduates and experienced professionals
The Career Masterclass Career Planning Workbook contains tried and tested personal development models and scenarios, developed to support your career planning success. Whether you are a graduate or hold a senior position within your firm, this book is relevant for all career stages.
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What You’ll Find Inside the Workbook

You may already be familiar with some of the models discussed within the Career Planning workbook or you may have used them in the past; however, the 9 chapters of this workbook have been uniquely designed to bring the relevant concepts to life with features including:

What You Get

The Career Masterclass Career Planning Workbook comprises 45 pages and includes


Self-help guidance


Activity sheets

Career Action Plan template

Book Chapters

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Structure of the Workbook

Chapter 3

Why should I bother to plan my career?

Chapter 4

First things first; your vision

Chapter 5

SWOT it out

Chapter 6

Now what?

Chapter 7


Chapter 8

Decision-making – Your options

Chapter 9

Bringing it all together

Chapter 10

How career masterclass can help

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We are passionate about helping individuals from ethnic minorities accelerate their career and this workbook will act as a guide to help you create a unique and tailored career plan that accurately reflects your goals and aspirations, and helps you to identify the strategies you can utilise to achieve them.


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What? Who? Why? Where?

What do you see?

Who do you want to be?

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