An average career person is said to have at least one mentor that offers guidance and support, and also gives advice on critical aspects of your career. Mentorship is great; it gives you the chance to meet new people with different ideas, perspectives and experiences. It also helps shape your manner of approach to challenges in the workplace. Advice gotten from mentors can be of huge benefits to your career.

Sponsors are invaluable to career progression. A sponsor opens doors and connects you to opportunities. While mentors advise, sponsors act. They advocate for you, champion you, give you visibility and actively facilitate your growth.

If you feel stuck despite your hard work and the support and advice from your mentor, then it means mentorship isn’t enough. If you desire to grow in your career and reach its peak, then you need a career sponsor. Here are reasons why you need a career sponsor:

1. A sponsor raises your visibility

Imagine yourself as a product that needs to be advertised; you’ve got the necessary skills required for a particular project or tasks. Your career sponsor will highlight your profile, convincing the decision makers that you’re the best fit for the job. He or she will recommend you first for any project or assignment that will boost your career, making sure that you are seen at all times. 

2. You need an advocate

A career sponsor is also a workplace advocate, who, in your absence, will speak up for you. He or she will help you put your best foot forward at all times. They will work to ensure people have positive impressions about you and will defend your integrity and reputation at all times. With a career sponsor in your corner, you can rest assured that you are well thought of. 

3. A sponsor connects you to opportunities

Apart from defending you and raising your visibility at work, a career sponsor will also connect you to opportunities by helping you build relationships. Having a career sponsor will expand and strengthen your network, as he or she will connect you to influential people who can open more doors for your career. A career sponsor will literally hold you by the hands and take you to the next level of your career. 

If you’re thinking of progressing and aiming higher in your career, you should definitely get a career sponsor.


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