When there is a pandemic such as the current Covid-19 wave ongoing, there is sure to be a downturn in the economy. This means there would be job losses, business closure and budget cuts. Everyone wants to know which industry or what jobs are safe in times like this. Even though this depends on the profession and job position, there are some classic jobs which are essential and so are always needed during an economic downturn. Here are 7 of them:

1. Medical Professionals

Of course, this is at the top of the list. No matter what direction the economy faces, there would always be sick people and animals and so, medical professionals are always needed. During an economic downturn, the demand for various medical professionals increase since there is a higher possibility for stress-related issues and pressure.  

This automatically means that other jobs needed to keep the hospital running are protected, such as janitors, receptionist, etc. Since there are various aspects of medicine, not all are fully protected. During an economic downturn, fewer people are going to be making appointments to have a face-lifts or tummy tucks therefore, cosmetic surgeons may have less patients. Similarly, most health insurance firms don’t cover dental work, so even though they would not be totally affected in a downturn, dentists would get fewer visitors.

2. Law Enforcement 

Law enforcement agents usually don’t lose their jobs due to downturns in the economy. If anything, they tend to have their hands full. During economy downturns, with job loss and people seeking for any kind of way to pay their bills, As crime rates tend to increase in economic downturns, investment in law enforcement agents is needed to keep law and order.

3. Educators

Everybody wants to invest in the future of their kids’ whether the economy is booming or not. Jobs in primary, secondary, tertiary and adult education are always relevant regardless of the economic situation. Jobs in education have become more flexible both in location and delivery with the increase in online schools and classes, making it a great profession especially in times like this when people are forced to stay home and are looking to learn a new skill or add a new certificate to their profile.

4. IT Workers

The world is depending more and more on information technology and professionals in the different areas of IT are always in demand even in an economic downturn. Areas that are always relevant include computer systems analysts, network administrators, data analysts, database engineers, programmers and developers, website designers, project managers, and hundreds of other specialists.

5. Specialized care

This covers elder care, physical therapy, chiropractors, etc. People tend to want to invest their money in things that would make their lives more productive and pain-free. Therefore, they wouldn’t mind investing in someone to care for their elderly ones or help them recover from a major surgery faster.

6. Financial Professionals

Professionals such as accountants, auditors, insurance underwriters, and so on are always in demand since money has to continue flowing. A lot of these positions require professional certifications to be able to get a job.

7. Public Utility Services

Electric, water, waste, trash, and internet services all survive economic downturns. These services are needed to maintain public health. Consultants that also serve these utilities are covered during a downturn.

If your job has been affected by the effects of the coronavirus and you are looking for a safer job option, then take a careful look at the jobs above and decide on which path you would like to explore.


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