Remote working has come to stay. Companies and organizations have come to realise that a lot of tasks that were carried out by staff onsite can actually be done remotely. So, even after the pandemic, a lot of jobs are going to be done remotely. 

This means that a lot of team leads need to figure out how to effectively manage their teams’ productivity. But first, what are project management tools?

Project management tools are tools used to monitor and carry out your project in its entirety by managing its schedule, sharing files and information with the team, and keeping track of the overall performance of team members. Traditionally, project management involved a lot of paper works and emails, but virtual software has streamlined the process radically.

How can you choose the best tool for you and your team?

There is no fixed rule for what to look out for when choosing a project management tool. Every team has different needs, it all depends on what works for you. Typically, your project management tool should have the following functionalities:

  • Time tracking
  • Task, document and expense management
  • Messaging
  • CRM integration
  • Collaborative editing
  • Role-based access

Here are top tools for virtual team management:

  1. Slack: Communication is an important part of remote working. Without constant communication, it would be impossible to get any work done. Slack helps make communication among team members seamless. It’s a team collaboration app that makes it easy to create channels for various projects being worked on. It can also be used for video and audio calls. Slack is free to use.
  1. Skype: Even though there are a lot of other video and messaging apps, Skype is still the most popular app used for video chats. With Skype, team members can share their screens which can be helpful when trying to show other members how to use say a company software.
  1. Asana: Asana is a popular virtual team management tools. With Asana team leads can stay in touch with team members, create tasks, set deadlines and monitors deadlines. It makes it easy to break down and organize to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Syncing Asana with your calendar also lets you know if your schedules are overlapping and make adjustments.
  1. Google Drive: Google drive enables you store and share data among team members. With this tool, you can share files, video, photos, etc in the cloud.
  1. Dropbox: Dropbox is similar to Google drive. With Dropbox, you can share files just as Google drive. Syncing with Dropbox is faster which helps collaboration among team members more efficient. 
  1. TimeCamp: TimeCamp is a web based time management tool that can be used to keep track of employee activities and used to bill clients for organization that charge per hour. Some of its features are graphic timesheets, invoicing and reporting.
  1. Zoho projects: It allows users to create various tasks, task lists, and milestones to manage progress and celebrate small wins. It provides insights into team progress. With Zoho projects, teams can compare their past performance with their present performance.
  1. ProofHub: ProofHub provides features that gives teams the ability to pan projects, track progress, schedule deadlines, etc. It has a reporting tool that enables teams know how they are doing and address whatever issues might have cropped up.
  1. Trello: Trello allows managers and team members to create different boards to organize projects, assign tasks, monitor progress, and set deadlines. It’s an easy to use and straightforward tool.
  1. This tool also allows team members to create tasks and missions and assign them to various team members. It displays progress on various tasks as well to make workload planning and monitoring easier. It makes it easy for team members to communicate and manage their workload better.

Which of these tools will you try out? Leave a comment!


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