Every organisation’s goal is to grow, overcome new challenges, and stand out from the competition. To achieve this, every employee needs to exude a spirit of leadership and a sense of ownership. Most people make the mistake of thinking that leadership is just about how business is led; but leadership should be a part of your business’ everyday culture.

Successful companies don’t go out and recruit people to fill these gaps. The best businesses grow their leaders. Every good organisation can turn an employee into a leader to meet new challenges and bring new strategies to light for the benefit and growth of the organisation.

Here are some strategies for turning employees to leaders:

  1. Encourage employees to network: Start by encouraging employees to network during lunch hours or at events. Eventually, they would start networking with industry professionals outside the company. This encourages them to forge strong connections, gives them the courage to strike up conversations with strangers, and gives the confidence of a leader. Allowing employees to tag along for industry events enables them to know how to properly compose themselves at such events when they go themselves.
  1. Make sure they have mentors or be one: Being a mentor to your employees is a great way for them to learn leadership skills. If you as an employer can’t act as a mentor, then create a mentorship program where employees can sharpen their skills with the help of other more experienced employees. This can help improve both organisational success and team performance.
  1. Provide opportunities for growth: Provide employees with an opportunity to grow so they can one day pursue leadership roles within the organisation. Employees are the organisation’s assets; by investing in them, you are investing in the organisation. These investments can include paying for training, further education, and more.
  1. Keep open channels of communication: Encourage communication by regularly informally scheduling meetings with employees. Regular meetings with employees would help you as an employer to identify each employee’s individual goals, areas that require development, and this would help you create ways to assist their growth specifically.
  1. Lead by example: Model the leadership skills employees need to adapt to become great leaders – professionalism, transparency, confidence, commitment, and respect. Employees look to their employers for answers, so leaders should aim to continuously model what it is to be a successful, positive model in the workplace. It doesn’t cost a dime and the results are priceless.


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