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STRETCH 2020 has been designed to give aspirational professionals the tools, strategies, and inspiration needed to navigate the new world of work and access opportunities that exists today and those that will arise in the future

8 – 10 October 2020

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How to Deal with Career Setbacks

How to Deal with Career Setbacks

At one point or the other, we all have to deal with career setbacks. Setbacks can happen in different forms, such as being passed up for a promotion, missing out on a big project, and so on. Career setbacks can be tough and can trigger feelings of shock, denial, fear,...

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When to Quit your Job and Face your Side Hustle Full-time

When to Quit your Job and Face your Side Hustle Full-time

There isn’t a fixed formula for knowing the perfect time to leave your 9 to 5. If you decide to quit at any time, you would still be taking a leap and jumping into the unknown. It is okay to be nervous about leaving your secure source of income to start or focus on a...

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What to Do if Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

What to Do if Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

What your boss thinks about you is important as it can make or mar your career. Your boss is largely in control of the kind of projects you get, whether you are promoted, or whether you lose your job. If your boss does not like you for some reason, it can color all...

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“I recently attended two events and boldness was the keyword for me. I have been able to raise my hands up for more challenging tasks”

– Ayo

Career Masterclass has taught me that career development, or any progress at all, cannot be winged; one has to be intentional. I have learnt practical, tested and true ways of advancing one’s career, and how to always put my best foot forward in a professional setting.

– Motola | Lawyer 

I thoroughly enjoy reading the articles on Career Masterclass. They are full of actionable tips and advice. Recently I read an article on confidence which I implemented and saw immediate results.

– Oise | Product Owner


“I used what I learnt at Career Masterclass in negotiating pay for a new role”


Completing the career workbook helped me gain clarity on my career. I used insight from the workbook to design the career path I am enjoying today.

– Patrick | Business Analyst


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