The Covid-19 outbreak has left individuals and businesses uncertain, wondering what their next steps are and how to move forward. Businesses and organizations have been hit very hard and this has had a ripple effect, with many people being laid off and organisations not looking to hire. Getting a job before now was hard enough without having to add a pandemic to it. Still, it’s not impossible to get hired. Let’s explore how you can improve your chances of scoring that dream job.

A lot of industries have been affected by this outbreak and it has caused a lot of them to shut-down temporarily. Industries such as the travel industry have been hit really hard and this has led to a lot of people being laid off or sent on unpaid leave. Other companies have resorted to working remotely and most of them are not looking to hire because they are still trying to figure out how to make things work in this new situation.

What does this mean for you as a job seeker? You might be tempted to put your job search on hold until things become more settled and certain but that might be a bad idea. The fact that companies are not hiring today doesn’t mean they won’t start hiring soon. As a job seeker, you need to keep on your job search even if you have to make changes to your methods.

So, how do you carry on your search?

Expand Your Network

Now is a good time to join professional groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and other forums. Join these groups, post articles that would attract your target audience, comment knowledgeably and stay visible. Update or complete your profile and give it a more professional look. You can also send out emails to companies you admire but make sure you do your research first to learn more about them and what they do, how they operate and if they are hiring.

Reach out to former employers, colleagues and teammates, have virtual meetings and coffee breaks. This would help make a more lasting impression and keep you at the forefront of their thoughts if they need someone with your skill sets.

Get good at virtual interviews

Due to having to practice social distancing, people aren’t going to be conducting face to face interviews anymore. So you have to improve your virtual interview skills such as phone interviews, video interviews, etc. They’re quite different from in-person conversations, you’ll want to conduct multiple dry runs before the real deal. Practice your posture, eye contact, tone of voice, sound and lighting quality, and backdrop—all essential details to get right.

Develop your skills

Now is the perfect time to learn something new to improve yourself.  It can help to look at job listings, find out what skills are called for in different roles you’re interested in, and see if you can enroll in a course to gain them. There are a lot of online courses you can take, even more now that there is a spike in E-learning, so you would be sure to find something that suits you.

Improve your work from home routine

Working from home is an important skill you need to have, especially during this period when companies are all looking in that direction. Since the length of this pandemic is uncertain, it is important to maintain regular work hours and stay productive. Create a space dedicated for work, set rules regarding work hours for your family, have scheduled breaks and be consistent. Since you are looking for a job, use these work hours you have set aside for your job search, take that course or reach out to someone who could be instrumental to your getting the next gig.

It is important to remember to keep a positive outlook in all of this and know that at the end of the day, this too shall pass and when it does, you need to be ready to take charge.


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