We hope the series on #HowIWork has been useful to you, and that you’re gleaning lessons from how other professionals are staying productive in these times. In this edition, Katerina Katsoulis shares with us what it feels like to be job hunting during a pandemic and what she’s doing to keep upbeat and make the most of out of it.

My typical day (Pre Covid-19)

My days pre Covid-19 consisted of my usual process in job hunting. I had just left a contract due to circumstances separate from the virus and I was taking my time with searching for my ideal next role, not knowing what was about to hit me and the rest of the world. I didn’t have much of a routine except spending this precious extra time granted by my unemployment with my nephew, regular social time with friends and some side-projects I was able to give some time to while I waited for the ideal role to come along.

My typical day now

My job search process has dramatically changed since the effects of Covid-19 have hit the job market. I now find myself in the sea of people who also have become unemployed and are looking for anything to get them back into employment. There are a decent amount of jobs advertised (which is a positive) but the recruitment process appears to have become incredibly slow.  This has given me an opportunity to find new ways to stand out from the crowd of applicants. I tweaked and adjusted my resume, handed it to trusted recruiters for feedback and I’m also using this extra down time to learn some new skills.

I have commenced a daily morning yoga practice (free via YouTube!) to reduce some of my anxiety and help keep my body active as I move a lot less now that I have to stay home every day. I have achieved my Agile Scrum Master Certification this past month as well as leaning on LinkedIn to engage my helpful network to find any opportunities.

One of these opportunities has resulted in me bartering my expertise and services to a start up to help them design and deliver an Advanced Change Management and Digital Engagement course completely online (moving from face-to-face) in exchange for a certification in their Change Management and Training Facilitation program.

I am confident that in time I will find my ideal role and I will come to it with some ideal new skills in facilitating interactive and collaborative workshops online.

Your current workspace

Like many I’m sure, my dining table has been converted to a desk.

Dining table now workspace

Your best (remote working) tools

Zoom has played a big part in helping me stay connected to the network I have and has given me some practice for netiquette and expectations of doing interviews over video call. I’ve had the pleasure of learning to use Zoom Whiteboard, Trello, One Note and Aha Slides as some great collaborative tools for running virtual workshops.

How I stay motivated

I allow myself time to rest and acknowledge that these are strange days we are now experiencing in the world. This is important to me as having anxiety over things I cannot control would certainly reduce my motivation to get through each day.

My thoughts on remote working

I’ve worked remotely before and have found it can be quite productive. I feel fortunate in my time unemployed that I have found some opportunities to keep me busy so my mind is staying fresh. However I do acknowledge that enforced working from home would have many impacts and implications for each person depending the situation from home.

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