My typical day (Pre-Covid 19)
I am a full-time professional engineer and I typically work 9 AM to 5:30 PM on weekdays. Pre-COVID 19, my typical workday involved waking up at roughly 5 AM and studying for about an hour and then hitting the gym for another hour for a workout before grabbing breakfast and heading off to work. Being a morning person, work ideally starts at 8 AM for me till about 5:30 PMish. I would then retire home for either an evening workout before dinner or just rest in the evening with either reading or catching up with a TV series of my choice on days I manage to go out for a quick run over my lunch break….hahaha.

My typical day now
My typical workday now has not changed much in reality – I still do exactly everything I used to do pre-COVID-19 plus now, I have additional time to sort of add in more activities or task in my day as I can now utilise the time that normally goes into commuting to and from the office to doing other more productive and useful tasks. One way I have done that is to give more time to self-development, by attending some free career coaching sessions online (e.g. the ones organised by Career Masterclass) and learning and fine-tuning my IT and coding skills. There is now also the temptation to spend more time working as a result of working from home, it is sometimes difficult separating work time from home time and sometimes, the lines get blurred.

My best (remote working) tools

My best remote working tool is Autodesk Revit as it is a great collaborative tool for my engineering design and allows me to work effectively as part of a multi-disciplinary engineering design team. Another tool I have found to be great for effective team communication is the Microsoft Teams – great for planning and organising team meetings and sharing files.

How I stay motivated
I am quite an active and energetic person, so sports is a very much a big part of my life. I stay motivated always by doing a lot of sports – working out, running, long walks, tennis, hahaha. When not doing sport, I’ll probably be reading a book by a favourite or good author.

My thoughts on remote working 

I think remote working is the future of work. With most work processes becoming automated and business moving more and more on to the cloud, the need for a physical office has become less significant. More businesses are moving to cloud and as they do that, they are starting to employ staff who reside in different locations in the world, all working seamlessly and remotely and collaboratively. Remote working give more flexibility to employees, enabling them plan their work more around their personal lives which arguably can result in better productivity and efficiency.


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