In this edition of #HowIWork, where we’ll be exploring how working professionals optimise their days for productivity and efficiency, Ebun Ojemuiywa, EMEA Head of AML Programmes, Financial Crime Compliance, JP Morgan shares with us how work has changed for her with Covid-19 and how she stays productive.

My typical day (Pre-Covid 19)

Pre- COVID, my day would typically start at 5:30 am with some light stretching exercises. I’m usually dressed for work and out the door to catch the 7:15 train. My journey to work is about 1 hour 30 minutes long, door to door, so I typically arrive in the office about 8:45 am if the trains run to schedule.

I use my train journey to plan ahead and set my priorities for the day. I might end up reading a few pages of a book if I can squeeze it in. Heading into work, I always stop to grab a morning coffee from Notes Coffee (definitely one part of my morning routine I miss). My day is usually off to busy start from the minute I settle down in the office, with a number of meetings or key activities to get on with. I typically try to focus my day and get as much done, minimising distractions such as WhatsApp notifications and catching up on non-urgent messages or calls at lunchtime or the end of the day. Lunch is often around 2 pm, with a quick power walk while I dash off to grab something to eat. At about 7-7:30 pm, I would typically call it a day at the office and make my way home. I feel like I’ve had a lucky day if I manage to grab a seat on the way back home. The journey back home is a chance for me to reflect on the day, unwind, as well as catch up with friends and family.

My typical day now

I must say, I love the chance to snooze for longer in the mornings as I now usually get up around 6:30 am. First up, is waking my boys Ethan and Stephen up to get them dressed, fed and ready for a day of homeschooling! We have tried to maintain a routine as it makes all our lives easier. We are all downstairs by about 8 am for breakfast and settle into our workspaces by 8:30. From then, my day is typically off to a busy start, not too different from being physically in the office, except for when I’m on homeschooling duty as my husband and I take turns to help the boys with their work. I usually try to get 20 – 30 minutes away from my desk for some fresh air in the garden or go for a quick walk. I wind down at about 6:30 to 7 pm to sort out dinner and bedtime routine, and I typically log back online when the kids settled in bed to finish up for the day.

My best (remote working) tools

A good old fashioned to-do list and my outlook calendar which I use to schedule all my meetings keep me organised when working from home. Also, a large second screen is a must-have given the kind of work I do.

How I stay motivated

I stay motivated when working from home by ensuring I balance things out effectively. Taking some time away from my screen can make a huge difference to my productivity during the day. I also try to squeeze in some exercise where possible. Some days, it’s as basic as some jumping jacks in between calls in my study! JP Morgan is also a super- supportive organisation and have provided lots of resources related to employee health and wellbeing.

My thoughts on remote working
One great thing about remote working is the ability to spend more time with my family. Overall, I’ve managed to remain productive by planning and prioritising my day effectively. I definitely don’t miss the long commute into work!


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