1. Your name

Patrick Giwa 

2. Your role

I am a Business Analyst Consultant, Product Owner and the Founder of Business Analyst Hub. I help companies build powerful products that improve their processes, services and most importantly increase their profits.

3. Your typical day (Pre-COVID 19)

Pre-COVID I had quite a rigid routine:

5.00am – 5.45am: Wakeup, shower and listen to UCB (gospel radio station), or a motivational video on youtube.

 5.45 am – 6.00 am: I jump on my electric scooter and scoot to the station to get on the 6.03 train. 

6.03 am – 7.20 am: I love my train journeys. This is MY time away from the wife and one child that feels like 3 children lol. I spend my train journey catching up on personal emails, engaging on LinkedIn, listening to podcasts or reading a free ebook resource I downloaded from the previous night. 

7.20 am – 8.30 am: I quickly catch up with my team in APAC (Asia Pacific region) before they close for the day. I also spend this time doing some form of career development. 

8.30 am – 5.30 pm: Business Analysis stuff. Get work done and deliver for my client! 

5.30 pm – 7 pm: Another train journey back home catching up on Linkedin, podcast or an ebook resource on internet marketing or entrepreneurship. 

7.00 pm – 9.00 pm: Uninterrupted family time 

9.00 pm – 10.00 pm: building and creating content for my other ventures. 

10.00 – 11.00: bedtime. 

4. Your typical day now

Since the pandemic hit and we got the stay-at-home order, my routine was disrupted. I struggled in the first week. I noticed I was working longer hours sometimes up to 2 am with no breaks. After listening to Career Masterclass’ How to work home webinar, I made a decision to design a new routine for myself. 

7.00 am – 7.45am: Wake up, shower  and feed my mind i.e personal/spiritual development

7.45am – 8.00am: Prepare for my daily standup call. 

8.00 am – 6.00 pm: Business Analysis stuff. Get work done and deliver for my client! I infuse two 30mins breaks for breakfast and lunch. 

6.00pm – 9.00pm: Uninterrupted family time. 

9.00pm – 11.00pm:  back to ME time. 

11.00pm – 12.00pm: Bed time. 

5. Your current workspace

I have a study desk/work station (thank you IKEA) which I refer to has my office and HQ for PG Ventures lol. I live in a flat so my workstation is neatly planted in a corner in my living room. But with a wife, 3-year-old, a newborn, it can get noisy.
So I purchased noise-cancellation headphones to help kill some of that noise while on calls. And I am also able to use it to listen to focus music, which improves my concentration.

6. Your best (remote working) tools

For me, this would be:

#1. My Laptop: There is no remote working without a laptop right?! 

#2. My extra screen: What I missed the most about my desk at work was my extra two screens. I just couldn’t function without them so I urgently purchased a 15-inch mobile screen. Real game-changer.

#3. My Noise-cancelling headphones: I’ve been on calls where the sound of some of the participants is just painful. My headphones make my sound crisp and clear and reduce background noise. It also helps me focus when I have my focus music playing.  

#4. My whiteboard: I recently installed my whiteboard to the wall beside my desk and wrote down my routine. It serves as a reminder of what I should be doing at a particular time. 

#5. Momentum app: Remote or no remote, this tool has been super helpful for my mindset. It helps eliminate distractions and find my focus. The app, installed on my browser, provides daily inspiration and tools to help me track my progress and reach my goals.

Below was my screen at the time of writing:

7. How you stay motivated

I like to deliver high-quality work within the specified time frame.

Having a routine helps me stay motivated. My routine creates time for the things that are important to me i.e personal/spiritual development, uninterrupted time with my family, and ME time. 

Getting dressed weirdly set me in the right mood for work. I did not believe this until I gave it a try. So now, I wake up, wear my white shirt, a pair of trousers, loafers and take about 11 steps to my office lol. 

I intentionally created an environment that keeps me motivated. My momentum app always have a different quote of the day. I have a picture of my family in my workstation which keeps me going. And I have my best quote pasted in my office – THINK BIG. 

8. Your thoughts on remote working

Remote working is great when you have the right environment. I also enjoy commuting as I have personally converted my commute into a productive activity. So when not commuting, I am losing some form of productivity.

Ideally, I would love to have a mixture of both. 4 days in the office and 1 day at my home office. 

There are predictions that post-COVID, organisations are going to be more receptive to remote working. This is exciting news for me because it opens up the world of work. I could work for a company in Sweden while at a co-working space in the Philippines. Awesome! 

Closing thoughts…

As a Business Analyst, most of my time is spent trying to understand and translate business and technical requirements. As such, I am constantly in communication with different levels of stakeholders. 

To help other analysts, I created a free Working from Home Guide to help you still deliver great work while working remotely. 

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