We’re continuing our #HowIWork series, where we’ll be exploring how working professionals optimise their days for productivity and efficiency. Nimisha Sachdev Bhakta, VP, GBM & Europe Regulatory Compliance Risk Strategy, shares with us how work has changed for her with Covid-19 and what she’s doing to make the most of it.

My typical day (Pre-Covid 19)

On a work day, I’d wake up at 5.45am. I’d meditate, shower, have breakfast, pack my lunch and commute to work which takes 1 hour 10 minutes. I usually read on the train. Once I got to work, I created to-do items for the day, checked emails and started work. I would typically have lunch at my desk and go to the gym in the afternoon.

My typical day now

I wake up around 6.45am, meditate, go for a morning run, shower, and have breakfast. I also create to-do items and start work, check emails. I take a break in the afternoon for lunch and then continue working. I then log off at a decent time, around 5.30pm.

My current workspace

I work on the dining table, next to the garden door to get natural light.

My best (remote working) tools

My best work tools would be Zoom and our official internal communication system for making calls.

How I stay motivated

I stay motivated by keeping a routine, waking up early and working out. I also take regular breaks and move around. Reading motivational books, reflecting work for me. Volunteering to help the community where I can and having fun things planned after work – either just to be and enjoy the peace, play board games with my husband, have FaceTime or zoom calls with friends and family, watch movies all help me stay motivated.

On remote working

There are pros and cons. You save commute time, but I personally enjoy travelling into the office and having one day to work from home. However, with technology, it is easier to keep in contact with colleagues while having less interruptions when remote working so you get more done. You also have early dinners as you are already home. I wouldn’t mind a bit of both – a mixture of some days working remotely and some days in the office.


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