We hope the series on #HowIWork has been useful to you, and that you’re gleaning lessons from how other professionals are staying productive in these times. In this new edition, we are delighted to present the Founder of Career Masterclass, Bukola Adisa, who shares with us how work has changed for her with Covid-19 and what she’s doing to make the most of it.

My  typical day (Pre-Covid 19)

Pre- Covid, I worked in the office and had a long commute to work. I would typically get up at 6.30am, get ready and dressed and have a quick chat with my sons before going to the station for my commute into London. My train journeys are for reading the papers, writing, and just unwinding. I like getting to work early (8am) so that I can have some time in the day to myself to read through emails, slowly wake up (as I’m not a morning person) and get ready for the day.

I then spend most of the morning in meetings, huddles, calls and usually work through my lunch. Sometimes, my assistant will force a 15-minute window into my calendar so I can have a break and grab a quick bite. The afternoon is filled with more meetings, calls, a quick call home to catch up with my husband and speak to the boys.

I typically leave the office at 7pm, get home by 8.30pm where I make our evening meal (cooking is a huge stress reliever for me). I then read to the boys and send them to bed. Afterwards, my husband and I spend the rest of the evening together watching a movie or just talking and I am usually in bed by midnight.

My typical day now

As I am not a morning person (though I am working on this) and I will typically get up at 9am, get dressed and the first thing I do is to find my boys and play with them for a bit, or more likely referee any ongoing fights or arguments.

I then make a cup of tea (I am an addict), log on and check emails- I clear any urgent emails and star any emails that require the team to respond to in more detail. I will then typically look at my schedule and start working on tasks starting with the low hanging fruits/easiest tasks. This typically involves coaching calls, paying invoices, raising invoices, checking social media, engaging on our community forum, reading and researching.

I stop at 12.30pm to make lunch for my ever ravenous sons and to refill my cup of tea. I will sometimes eat lunch with them, do some household tasks and then return to work which I continue till about 4/5pm. As a recovering workaholic, I typically try and finish at 5pm to make dinner for my family and go for our daily walks. We try to eat dinner together as a family as I don’t eat breakfast and rarely eat lunch. Evenings are for relaxing (with an eye on the email), watching TV with the boys and spending some time with my husband.

My current workspace

My best (remote working) tools

There are lots of tools that I rely on to help me remain effective but my favourite ones have to be Zoom which enables me to have calls with clients and team members, and Basecamp to track and manage the tasks and projects across the team so things don’t get lost in emails. I swear by my Outlook email calendar- I am one of those people that have to have everything scheduled otherwise I will miss something and become frustrated or overwhelmed. Lastly, I love my trusty notebook- it is where I jot my ideas, notes, to-dos and any other thoughts I get as inspiration can hit at anytime so it goes everywhere with me.

How I stay motivated

I am a very task focused person and I am naturally driven and energetic but sometimes I need an extra dose of motivation to complete my tasks and get things done. The main way I stay motivated is to set myself a reward for the future. For example, I could say if I get all my work done by Thursday then I will take Friday off to watch Netflix and not do any work. This then motivates me to keep going and not procrastinate as much.

My thoughts on remote working

I believe this will be the new normal. Employers and businesses have now had to trial this on a large scale and I don’t think we will return to the traditional roles being solely based and performed out of expensive office locations. Remote working can be very good and people can be as effective working remotely as they are in the office but discipline, breaks and structure are needed to sustain physical and mental health. I love working from home!


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