At one point or the other, we all have to deal with career setbacks. Setbacks can happen in different forms, such as being passed up for a promotion, missing out on a big project, and so on. Career setbacks can be tough and can trigger feelings of shock, denial, fear, sadness, anger, and confusion.

Even though you have just suffered a career setback, it isn’t the end of the world and it’s possible to bounce back from the pain and propel yourself to success. Here are 8 ways you can deal with a career setback:

  1. Give yourself some time: You’ve just suffered a disappointing setback and you need some time to recover and deal with all the emotions you might be feeling. Take a short time to do things that make you happy like a hobby, or spending time with your family and friends. This is sure to relieve some of the pain you are going to and help you focus on what next to do.
  1. It’s okay to vent: Pretending like it didn’t happen or isolating yourself would only lead you to bottle up the emotions. Find someone you trust such as a close friend or family and vent to them. Venting out helps you release some of the pent up tension and helps you think better; also knowing people are willing to listen to you talk about your issues helps you feel better.
  1. Find the cause: Ask yourself the tough questions to enable you to know what you are doing wrong to have caused the setback. Carefully evaluating your actions to identify the cause would help you to know what mistakes you are making and how you can avoid making them over again.
  1. Learn from your experience: Instead of focusing on your mistakes and what you should have done differently, learn from the experience so you don’t find yourself in the same situation next time.
  1. Be positive: Our thoughts affect the way we respond to things. If you constantly have negative thoughts, it would reflect in the way you see and handle life. Setbacks and failures are part of life that you must learn from. If you view life positively, it will help you move on to a more successful career path.
  1. Have a growth mindset: A growth mindset focuses on positivity and possibility rather than failures. Start looking at every challenge, obstacle, or difficult situation as a stepping stone for your career. Always ask yourself, “what can I learn from this setback?” This makes it easier to bounce back from a setback.
  1. Set goals: The fact that you just suffered a setback doesn’t mean your dreams are unattainable; it just means you didn’t get the desired outcome. Keep adjusting your plans and goals based on your experiences.
  1. Reach out to your network: Reach out to people who know your capabilities and enlist their support to make the connections that could help you.

If you respond the right way to a career setback, it could act as a springboard that propels you ito success. Setbacks are usually temporary and you are sure to bounce back; it all depends on how you choose to handle it.


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