A career vision is a statement that clearly defines what you want to achieve in your career- it states the major accomplishments you hope to attain, the position you hope to get to, and the impact you would like to make in your chosen industry. A career vision is a big picture of where you see your career going. It should be something you aspire to achieve regardless of where you are at the moment. Your career statement should inspire you.

Your career vision describes the highest point you hope to get to in your career, it doesn’t focus on your current career but on the career you want and the career fulfils you. Creating a career vision statement helps you make action plans that propel you towards achieving your goals. Without a career vision, you would be leaving everything to fate instead of taking proactive actions to achieve your goals.

To create a career vision for yourself, consider the following:

Creating a career vision for yourself will give clarity
  1. Your career vision is supposed to clearly describe your future goals and aspirations. You can get started by asking yourself, “What job would I enjoy doing even if money wasn’t involved?”
  1. Break your goals into smaller achievable ones. For example, if you want to own your own company and be your boss then break it down into actionable goals such as creating a business plan, building a business website, taking business courses, etc.
  1. Now that you have outlined your goals, it’s time to focus on your work values. Your work values are the beliefs and values you cherish; they are reflected in your job and life choices. These should be at the heart of your career vision.
  1. Rewrite your work values as positive statements. Write each value with a positive wording about how that particular characteristic is a part of your work life. Here’s an example; “I would increase my value to the company and earn better pay for my work.
  1. Once you have a collection of positive statements & actionable goals, combine them into a future-facing paragraph. Make sure you keep each sentence practical & positive. Here is a great example that combines the values & goals mentioned in previous steps: “By earning my degree through evening courses, I will increase my value to the company and earn better compensation for my work.”

Trying to have a career without a career vision is like aimlessly driving around without a destination. It might be fun at first and you might enjoy the flexibility of stopping where and when you like, but after a while, it gets tiring and confusing.

Once you map out your career vision, it’s easier for you to stay focused since you have a destination. You might take a few detours on the way there, but it’s easier to find your way back on track if you have a vision.

Change is the only constant thing, so keep in mind that your vision might change the closer you get to it.


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