Failed expectations

It was a lovely summer evening in June 2011. I was deflated, defeated and just pure exhausted. Earlier that day I had learnt that I wasn’t being considered for a promotion at the firm I worked. I am not ashamed to say I cried. Scratch that! I wailed.

See, I had worked so hard for that promotion, taken a pay cut, put up with a very demanding client and worked all the hours God sent so I thought I would at least be invited to present a business case for promotion. I still recall the incredulous look on the face of the senior partner when he said ‘But you never told me you wanted to be considered for this round of promotion’. He further said ‘You should have made your intention known’.

In the heat of the moment, his explanations felt like adding insult to my wounded soul. In retrospect, I realise that meeting marked the moment I learnt a valuable career lesson. It simply is to make your expectations known. Be clear about your goals and communicate them frequently.

It is January 2018 and a lot of us are riding on the euphoria of newly crafted goals. Some of those goals will include getting promoted, earning more money, leading a project etc. Please don’t assume the people that matter know about these goals. Find ways to communicate your intentions early. Book those expectation setting meetings now and reinforce them at various points in the year.

Remember assumption is the lowest level of knowledge. Never assume anything. Your career will thank you for it.

With Love,


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