Everyone wants to get ahead at work for different reasons. It could be to enhance career prospects, get a raise at work, move up the hierarchy or get a good reference for future jobs. While doing big things like going above and beyond on projects can help, doing little things every day is a surer way to help you get ahead at work.

Here are some things you can do consistently to get ahead:

  1. Always ask if there is anything extra you can do: Don’t be the type of team member that waits around doing nothing unless a task is assigned to them. If you have completed all your tasks and you still have time left, go around and find out from your boss and team members if there is anything you can help with. When you do this often, you would be seen as someone who shows initiative; a quality that is appreciated by bosses.
  1. Be punctual: Try to always be on time for work, meetings, etc. Being punctual makes you dependable, and this is a winning trait to have in the workplace. Your team members should be able to trust that you will show up when you say you will.
  1. Remember your team members’ personal anecdotes: Listen to your colleagues when they talk and tell stories and try to remember at least one fact about them. Doing this will help build your interpersonal skills. People are always impressed when you can remember small important details about them.
  1. Get to know your workmates on a personal level: Talk about substantial things that leave lasting impressions, not just about the weather or traffic. If you are trying not to pry into their private lives, then talk about work in greater detail. Ask questions about projects they are working on and plans for their career future.
  1. Volunteer: If you have spare time, volunteer to help out on projects- especially if it would help the team meet a goal faster. By doing this, you will end up gaining more experience and showing your bosses that you are up for new challenges.
  1. Back up your words with action: If you say you are going to complete a task on a given day, ensure you deliver. If you say you will send an email, send it. Doing this builds your credibility with your boss and team members.
  1. Be invested: The best way to get ahead at work is to care about the company. When you are invested in the success of the company where you work, you will begin to see the larger picture. This will cause you to take on more responsibilities, which will in turn make your superiors impressed with your work, and ideas to move the company forward.

If you care about your current career and would like to progress, then do these things to impress your team. Making an effort to stand out, and thus staying top of mind when it comes time for raises and promotions, will help you get ahead.


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