When preparing your resume, the first thing you have to know is that your resume is like a promotional flyer advertising you. Your Resume should highlight the most impressive and unique details about you, your skills and your work. 

Recruiters have to go through a lot of resumes, sometimes thousands, so in other for yours to stand a chance, you have to make it stand out. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this:

  1. Make a good first impression

Recruiters only have seconds to spare when going through resumes at the initial stage of recruitment. In order for yours to pass this stage, your resume has to be top notch. Recruiters want to know what you can bring to the table, so that’s where they would focus their attention on – your past experience, your skills, and your qualifications etc. Make it easy to read by using the right fonts.

  1. Integrate critical keywords

If you don’t want your resume to be overlooked when recruiters are searching for qualified candidate, then pay more attention to the words you use. The lingo you use could be used to date you, for example, using old school lingo such as personnel instead of talent. To help identify what critical and up-to-date keywords relates to the job you want to apply for, consult online job postings, the jobs and “About Us” areas of company websites, LinkedIn Group conversations and social media sources.

  1. Write a career summary instead of an objective statement 

Every employer already know that your objective is to land the job so they are not going to be paying any attention to that. Instead of an objective statement, write a career summary which is like a professional synopsis telling your proposed employer what you intend to bring to the table in just a few lines.

  1. Use numbers

Using numbers helps to quantify your resume; it provides a measurable indicator of your performance. So when you need to, use figures, percentage and pounds. Also add context so the recruiter has a better understanding of the magnitude of the job done, for instance, when you say “I increased the company’s revenue by 30%, triple its previous returns“ it sounds better than “I increased the company’s revenue”.

  1. Readability 

Make your resume as easy to read as possible. You should adjust the font and spacing, use language that are recognizable in the field you want to apply in, avoid repeating information, differentiate between headings and sub-headings using fonts and attributes.

  1. Showcase accomplishments

Recruiters want to know what you’ve accomplished. Let them know what to expect if they decide to hire you for the job. Use bullets and concise sentences to make it stand out.

  1. Your resume should be “skimable”

We are all guilty of skimming more than reading, so to reward that style: Write short paragraphs of three or four lines at most. (If you need to say more, create a paragraph plus a bullet list.) Also, add space between paragraphs to provide “breathing room” and use headings and subheads to segment and introduce information.

  1. Make your contact information pop

Include an active email and phone number recruiters can easily use to reach you. You could also include relevant social media accounts.

  1. Remove “References available upon request.”

You wouldn’t be applying for the job if you weren’t willing to give out references. Adding this bit of information is irrelevant. If you want to include references, just go ahead and do that. If not, scrap this bit.

  1. Proofread

Look through your resume for errors, grammatical and typographic errors. Double check to be sure everything is correct. You could also ask someone you trust to help proofread.

Your resume should stand a better chance if you are able to implement these tips. Good luck in your job hunt!


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