Career Masterclass is a Social Enterprise founded by Bukola Adisa in 2015. Our initial focus was on helping women attain greater heights in their careers. With the passage of time and organic growth we have experienced, our focus is now firmly on enabling career growth for the BAME community. The barriers and issues experienced by the BAME community are well documented. The 2015 TUC report ‘Living on the Margins’ found that BAME employees are disproportionately likely to be working in low-paid, short-term roles or on zero-hours contracts, and The 2017 McGregor-Smith Review on race in the workplace produced some dire statistics about BAME representation and progression in the workplace. 


Our ambition is to equip individuals with the knowledge and practical skills they can utilise in building fulfilling and successful careers. We are determined to help prepare as many BAME people as we can for the opportunities that exist today and the ones yet to come. We believe being informed, knowledgeable and enlightened are some of the most critical investments you can make in your career.


We aim to achieve our objectives by running series of live masterclasses where we have open and honest conversations about real challenges that BAME professionals experience on their career journey and we share practical tips and concepts participants can apply to overcome those barriers and achieve tangible career growth. We also host complimentary webinars where we share insights and solutions to specific career issues with our audience.

For us, it is not enough to accept the rhetoric surrounding the limitations and slow progress of BAME professionals in the workplace. We believe change is possible, we believe we can facilitate that change and we are committed to helping as many people as we can attain greater heights in their careers

The Career Masterclass is a Not for Profit Organisation and is run fully on the support and commitment of volunteers to whom we are tremendously grateful.

Our Leaders

Bukola Adisa

Bukola Adisa

Founder and CEO

Bukola works at Barclays as MD, Head of Framework, Design and Execution within the Chief Controls Office.

In addition to her day job, Bukola is the founder/CEO of Career Masterclass which is a not for profit social enterprise dedicated to enabling the progression of Ethnic Minority professionals in the workplace.

Through webinars, live events and the annual STRETCH conference, Bukola teaches practical career tips to a varied Ethnic Minority audience which has resulted in tangible career progress for the participants.

Zainab Atta

Zainab Atta

Chief Operating Officer

Zainab has many passions, one of which is to see every woman who desires it, become economically and socially empowered. Hence Zainab’s vision to empower BAME professionals in the workplace is one that she has unequivocally committed to. Zainab works as a Senior Manager in the Banking industry and enjoys a successful career partly owing to the Career Masterclass Initiative.

Zainab oversees the Career Masterclass operations with the aim of making the vision a reality. She would describe herself as a foodie and fashion enthusiast with other interests including music and travel.


Volunteer in our offices and at events to make a difference, and develop skills along the way.

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