By now, you must have realised that the state of the job market after the pandemic will require a creative approach to job hunting . In order to make your job search worthwhile and produce results, let’s take a look at some questions you need to answer to improve your search.

1. Does your CV pass the 15-seconds test? Take a look at your CV to see if you can get the message you are trying to send across to your prospective employer in 15 seconds. Recruiters are not going to spend a lot of time looking at just one person’s CV when they have a huge pile to go through.

2. Are you active on LinkedIn? Recruiters typically search on LinkedIn for people that fit the position they are trying to fill, so it’s important to update your profile with the right keywords so you would show up when they search with them.

3. What does Google say about you? Potential recruiters would enter your name on Google when they want to do a further search on you. What would they find? While it’s important that you firm up your LinkedIn profile, go through your other social media accounts to be sure there is nothing that could put prospective employers off. Take down comments or posts that reflects poorly on you.

4. Are your goals realistic? Just like any other project, searching for a job requires you to set goals and be disciplined. Goals such as sending out your resume to X number of companies, making X number of cold calls per day and so on are important if you will reach your goals. Set goals you are likely to meet, as you don’t want to add the frustration of not meeting your goals to that of not being able to get a job.

5. Are you networking right? Networking is a great way to get your next big break but it’s also important to do it right else you would just be wasting your time. Go to events that are related to your career focus, talk to people and let them know what you do, listen to them and exchange contact information. After the event, engage with them and build genuine connections. This way, you will have a pool of contacts who you can reach out to.

6. Are you volunteering? Volunteering is like a stone that kills two birds. When you volunteer, not only are you giving back to a community or group of people, but you get to learn more about your field or interests. This gives you the opportunity to add experience and skills to your CV which can make you stand out during interviews.

7. Are you prepared for an interview? If you were to get called right now for that job you have been waiting for, will you ace the it? It’s important to hone your interview skills as you go on with your job search. Practice your phone, video and in-person interview skills.

If you can answer these 7 questions affirmatively, you’ll be better positioned to find that job you’ve been searching for.


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