3 quick tips for raising your profile at work.

We all know someone at work who is always being consulted for their insight, contributions and ideas while the rest of us seem to fade into the background. Well the good news is, by applying the 3 quick tips below, you can be on your way to becoming that person.

Tip #1: Carve a niche for yourself.

Become the go-to person or subject matter expert in an area. Whether it is being known for creating beautiful PowerPoint presentations or becoming the pivot table wizard, make sure you master an area and let people know you are willing to help in that area. I once worked with someone who literally functioned as the Corporate Address Book. She made it her business to know who did what, reported to whom and where they were based. She was very popular as it was easier to consult her than to look people up on the intranet sometimes.

Tip #2: Contribute to meetings.

Don’t be a retiring wallflower at meetings. Listen carefully to what is being discussed and make sure you speak up and contribute. I know this is difficult especially if you would rather sit back and say nothing. A tip to overcome this is to make sure you are the 1st to ask a question, and then you know you have gotten it out of the way. It goes without saying that the question or contribution must be well thought through.

Tip #3: Get Involved.

This may appear similar to tip #2 but is quite different. Get involved in selected departmental and companywide initiatives. These are initiatives believed by management to be critical to the Company or department’s visions and strategies, therefore, you should align yourself with them. Doing this shows that you are engaged, enthusiastic and motivated. Whether it is a community day or a working group on retention, sign up and when you do, apply tip #1 thereby becoming invaluable to the group.

We believe that if you start to action these 3 tips above, you will soon be viewed as an invaluable member of the team and your profile will be raised in a positive way!


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