3 tips that you can apply if you wish to be considered for a promotion at work.

A natural consequence of a raised profile is promotion, right? Well, wrong. Acknowledgement as top talent does not always translate into being considered for promotions. As women we tend to make the mistake of thinking that our work speaks for itself, hence we needn’t do anything extra to secure a promotion; this is not always the case. Start applying these 3 tips and you should start seeing results in no time.

Tip #1:

Map out a career progression plan. This plan should detail where you see yourself in 3, 5 and 10 years. Be as specific as possible, i.e. Head of Employee relations earning $100,000 with 15% year-end bonus in 5 years. This is very important because you can track your progress periodically and assess where you are against your goals.

This should be a living document, which can be changed as your goals change. Using the example above, if you are still an employee relations analyst in year 6, then you need to consider some corrective actions or at least revise the career progression plan.

Tip #2:

Make your intentions and aspirations known. I am often surprised at the number of people who erroneously think that their managers or supervisors are mindful of their career progression. No one is responsible for your career progression but you.

The supervisors and managers are busy mapping out their career plans and working out ways to get ahead. Don’t leave it to your manager to finally notice how valuable you are.

You have to highlight your achievements and document your successes and share it with your manager. This should be done at weekly catch-ups, mid-year reviews, year-end performance appraisals etc. At the beginning of the performance year, your objectives should include a promotion to the next grade if you are ready for this. Too often, too many people leave this till year-end when it is too late and promotion lists are finalised. Key message here is to tactfully blow your own trumpet!

Tip #3:

Develop an exit strategy. If you apply tips 1 & 2 and are successful and get promoted, then great! However, if you don’t get the promotion you deserve, it may be better to start considering external opportunities. This is especially critical if you believe your motivation and enthusiasm in the present role will be impacted by the denied promotion.

There are many ways to skin the proverbial cat. You may want to consider similar roles within other organisations. An internal promotion is not the only avenue to attain the seniority and financial reward you desire.


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