It is a New Year… Now what?

Happy New Year from all of us at Career Masterclass HQ. We hope you had a very relaxing break with friends and family, and are easing back nicely into the flow of things.

People love the New Year, actually people love new things. It represents the chance to start over, it signifies hope and unbridled dreams. That is why people make resolutions year after year, in spite of evidence suggesting that a large number of people will abandon their resolutions by the end of the first quarter of the year. I was speaking to a friend who is something of a fitness addict, and she said she is giving the gym a miss in January. Curiously, I asked why, and she explained that the gym will be crowded with people who have made yet another resolution to shed the pounds and get fitter in 2017. She promised that the gyms will be a lot quieter in February, which is when the regulars will return to the empty machines once taken up by the New Year resolutions crowd.
I do not think there is anything wrong in making New Year resolutions. I am a fervent proponent of change, and I admire anyone with a desire to change aspect of their lives they are unsatisfied about. However, I have learnt over the years that a list is not an active change agent. Nothing changes if YOU don’t change. You can make a big list of how you will lose weight, change jobs, give up smoking, drink less, call your parents more, network more etc.,  but they are just that… words on paper. The change happens when you commit to it and change your mind set, and then take active steps to ensure it is done.
Personally, I have given up writing New Year resolutions. I find them counter-productive as, for me, it involved drawing up a long list of 15-20 items I try to tick off in the course of the year. Instead, I decided to become more strategic in identifying and defining the major things I had to accomplish in a given year, and I focus on those instead. That meant doing away with a list of resolutions, and coming up with a list of key priorities. At the end of last year, I took some time reflecting on the year ahead and thinking about the things I really needed to achieve, and I came up with my Big 5. This works better for me, because I am then able to focus and concentrate my energy and resources on just 5 things, which I track throughout the year. This focus creates efficiency, motivation, clear thinking, and helps with prioritising. It means I am able to say no to activities that will not contribute to the fulfilment of my Big 5 items, and focus my energies on the things that will push me towards the achievement of my goals.
Whichever way you choose to track and measure your goals – whether by resolutions, lists, or big 5s – , the most important thing is that you do all you can to achieve your goals in 2017. At Career Masterclass, we are committed to helping you achieve your career goals, and we have done this for various people in our community in past years. We look forward to being a part of your career success story this year.
We will shortly be announcing our events line-up for the 1st quarter of the year, and we look forward to welcoming you at those events very soon.
I wish you a very prosperous and successful 2017 ahead.

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