Meet the Team

Meet the team


Bukola Adisa

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Bukola works in the Banking Industry as a Compliance Director. Like many women, she has experienced some challenges on her career journey, but has forged ahead through sheer determination and grit. Bukola is very passionate about issues that affect women in the workplace and The Career Masterclass Initiative was born out of her desire to help more women succeed in their careers.

She is responsible for the strategic direction of The Career Masterclass Organisation. When she is not speaking at career events, engaging with women’s groups or monitoring the regulatory landscape she can be found spending time with her husband and two sons whom she describes as the centre of her world.


Zainab Atta

Chief Operating Officer

Zainab has many passions, one of which is to see every woman who desires it, become economically and socially empowered. Hence Bukola’s vision to empower women in the workplace is one that she has unequivocally committed to. Zainab works as a Senior Manager in the Banking industry and enjoys a successful career partly owing to the Career Masterclass Initiative.

Zainab oversees the Career Masterclass operations with the aim of making the vision a reality. She would describe herself as a foodie and fashion enthusiast with other interests including music and travel.